Artichoke and Asparagus Month


When is Artichoke and Asparagus Month?

Artichoke and Asparagus Month happens on Monday January 1, 2024.

Artichoke and Asparagus Month: Celebrating Green Goodness

January is a month of new beginnings and what better way to start fresh than by celebrating Artichoke and Asparagus Month? These two green vegetables are not just vibrant on your plate but are packed with nutrients and health benefits that can kickstart your year on the right note.

Artichokes: The Mediterranean Marvel

Artichokes are a Mediterranean staple with a history as rich as its flavor. The globe artichoke, known for its tender heart, is actually a type of thistle. This vegetable is versatile in the kitchen, whether steamed, boiled, grilled, or even pickled.

Health Benefits of Artichokes:

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • High in fiber
  • Aid digestion
  • Support liver health

Asparagus: The Versatile Spear

Asparagus, with its distinctive taste and succulent spears, is a highlight of early spring produce. This vegetable can be enjoyed in numerous ways – sautéed, steamed, roasted, or grilled, and makes an excellent side dish or can be a star ingredient in risottos, omelets, and salads.

Health Benefits of Asparagus:

  • Good source of vitamins A and K
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps in lowering blood pressure
  • Supports a healthy pregnancy with high levels of folate

How to Celebrate Artichoke and Asparagus Month:

  1. Try new recipes that feature artichokes and asparagus as main ingredients.
  2. Learn to prepare these vegetables in different ways – perhaps you can pickle artichokes or make an asparagus quiche.
  3. Visit your local farmer’s market and look for fresh, locally-grown artichokes and asparagus.
  4. Share your favorite artichoke and asparagus dishes on social media to encourage others to enjoy these vegetables.

Remember, artichokes and asparagus are more than just sides for your entrée; they are nutritious vegetables that can take center stage in your meals. So this January, let’s raise our forks to the green goodness of artichokes and asparagus!

Celebrate with 🥗🍽 and incorporate these greens into your meals!

When does Artichoke and Asparagus Month happen next year?

Artichoke and Asparagus Month will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday January 1, 2025
  • Thursday January 1, 2026
  • Friday January 1, 2027
  • Saturday January 1, 2028
  • Monday January 1, 2029


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