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Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage Month


When is Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage Month?

Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage Month happens on Monday April 1, 2024.

Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage Month: Celebrating the Crunch in April

Welcome to Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage Month, where April showers us not only with rain but also with a bounty of these crunchy, leafy greens! This month, we celebrate the versatility, flavor, and nutritional power of Brussels sprouts and cabbage, two cruciferous cousins that have climbed their way up from humble dinner table staples to stars of the culinary world. Whether roasted, sautéed, or shredded into a refreshing salad, Brussels sprouts and cabbage offer a delightful blend of texture and taste. Let’s crunch our way through April with some fun and flavorful recipes!

The Vibrant World of Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage:

Brussels sprouts and cabbage, though often overlooked, are nutritional powerhouses. Packed with vitamins (C, K, and B6), fiber, and antioxidants, they are as good for your health as they are for your taste buds. From the compact and nutty Brussels sprout to the versatile and hearty cabbage, these vegetables are ready to take center stage in your kitchen.

Celebrating Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage Month:

  • Farmers Market Visit: Begin your celebration by visiting a local farmers market. Select the freshest Brussels sprouts and cabbage, and don’t be afraid to ask vendors for their favorite preparation tips. 🛒🌿
  • Recipe Swap: Organize a recipe swap with friends or family members who also love these veggies. It’s a fun way to discover new dishes and share the love for Brussels sprouts and cabbage.
  • Cooking Night: Dedicate a night to cooking with Brussels sprouts and cabbage. Experiment with different cooking methods like roasting, grilling, or even fermenting.
  • Green Party: Host a ‘green’ party featuring dishes made from Brussels sprouts and cabbage. Encourage your guests to bring their favorite dish for a communal feast. 🥬🎉

Creative Recipes with Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage:

  1. Brussels Sprouts Chips: Peel the leaves off Brussels sprouts, toss them with a little oil and seasoning, and bake until crispy for a healthy alternative to potato chips.
  2. Stuffed Cabbage Rolls: Fill cabbage leaves with a mixture of rice, meat, and spices, then simmer them in a savory tomato sauce.
  3. Cabbage Steaks: Slice cabbage into thick ‘steaks’ and roast them with a drizzle of olive oil and your favorite herbs for a hearty, flavorful side dish.
  4. Brussels Sprouts Slaw: Shred Brussels sprouts and mix them with a tangy dressing, dried fruits, and nuts for a fresh twist on traditional coleslaw.

Pairing Your Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage Dishes:

Both Brussels sprouts and cabbage pair well with bold flavors like bacon, garlic, or strong cheeses like blue cheese or aged cheddar.

Benefits of Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage:

Embrace the health benefits of these greens: they are known for their potential to lower inflammation, improve heart health, and support digestive wellness.

Tips for Enjoying Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage:

  • Freshness Counts: Look for Brussels sprouts that are firm and bright green and cabbages that are dense and have crisp leaves.
  • Avoid Overcooking: To maintain the nutritional value and prevent a sulfuric taste, avoid overcooking Brussels sprouts and cabbage.

Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage Month is an invitation to rediscover these nutritious, flavorful vegetables and to incorporate them into your meals in creative, delicious ways. Whether you’re a long-time lover of these greens or just starting to explore their culinary potential, let this April be a month of tasty discoveries, vibrant health, and crunchy delights. Happy Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage Month! 🥦🥬

When does Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage Month happen next year?

Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage Month will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Tuesday April 1, 2025
  • Wednesday April 1, 2026
  • Thursday April 1, 2027
  • Saturday April 1, 2028
  • Sunday April 1, 2029


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