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Eat an Extra Dessert Day

September 4

When is Eat an Extra Dessert Day?

Eat an Extra Dessert Day happens on Wednesday September 4, 2024.

Celebrate Eat an Extra Dessert Day!

Who doesn’t love dessert? Whether it be a classic apple pie, a decadent chocolate cake, or a warm cookie sundae, there’s nothing better than indulging in your favorite sweets. That’s why we can all agree that Eat an Extra Dessert Day should be celebrated year-round! Let’s take the time to appreciate some fun facts about delicious desserts and why everyone should enjoy them guilt-free.

Desserts Around the World

From tiramisu in Italy to dorayaki in Japan, desserts vary from country to country. Just as cultures around the world have unique cuisines, they also have distinct sweet treats that are specific to their region. While some countries use cookies and pastries as their go-to dessert option, others opt for ice cream and frozen treats. No matter where you come from, there’s something special about trying new desserts from around the globe!

Health Benefits of Eating Sweet Treats

Eating your favorite treat every once in awhile can actually have health benefits! Many studies have suggested that treating yourself with your favorite food may help reduce stress levels and promote positive emotions. In addition, eating dark chocolate has been linked to improving cognitive function and reducing blood pressure. So don’t feel guilty when you indulge—there are actually some health perks involved!

The Best Part of Eating Dessert? Sharing It!

One of the best things about dessert is being able to share it with others! Enjoying a sweet treat with family and friends makes it all the more enjoyable. Not only does sharing increase our sense of connection but it also helps us savor each bite even more—and who doesn’t love that? So go ahead and make extra servings for everyone on Eat an Extra Dessert Day —you won’t regret it!

We all deserve a little sweetness from time to time so why not celebrate Eat an Extra Dessert Day? From savoring different desserts from around the world to reaping its health benefits to simply enjoying its deliciousness with family and friends—there are plenty of reasons to indulge without feeling guilty about it. So go ahead reach for that second piece of apple pie – it’s Eat an Extra Dessert Day after all! Enjoy responsibly 😉

When does Eat an Extra Dessert Day happen next year?

Eat an Extra Dessert Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Thursday September 4, 2025
  • Friday September 4, 2026
  • Saturday September 4, 2027
  • Monday September 4, 2028
  • Tuesday September 4, 2029


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