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Gingerbread House Day

December 12

When is Gingerbread House Day?

Gingerbread House Day happens on Thursday December 12, 2024.

National Gingerbread House Day: Get Crafting!

December 12th is National Gingerbread House Day, and it’s the perfect excuse to get creative in the kitchen. Whether you’re a baking novice or a master chef, making a gingerbread house is an awesome way to celebrate this holiday. Let’s dive into some of the supplies you need to craft your own gingerbread house and how you can make the most of National Gingerbread House Day!

What You Need Before You Bake

No matter what kind of gingerbread house you choose to make, there are certain essential supplies that you will need. Of course, first and foremost you will need pre-made gingerbread pieces–you can either buy store-bought dough or make your own from scratch. Aside from the gingerbread itself, here are some other supplies that are essential for building your masterpiece:

  • Royal Icing – This type of icing is used to glue all your pieces together and create intricate designs. It’s really important that you use royal icing instead of regular frosting because it hardens as it dries so that your gingerbread house doesn’t fall apart easily.
  • Candies – An array of colorful candies is a must for decorating your house! Choose whatever candy suits your taste buds (and imagination) best; M&Ms, gummy bears, peppermints…the possibilities are endless!
  • Cake Board – A cake board isn’t required per se but it does help with stability when constructing your gingerbread house. It also makes transport much easier if you plan on taking your creation anywhere else after building it!
  • Cardboard Template – Make sure you have something sturdy like cardboard lying around if needed. If your walls start to buckle or look like they might not be able to hold up against gravity, cut out some small templates in advance to reinforce them before they collapse!

How To Celebrate National Gingerbread House Day

Now that we have all our tools together let’s talk about celebrating National Gingerbedhouse day in style! Here are some ideas on how to make the most out of this fun holiday:

  1. Host a virtual Gingerbread House Decorating Party – Invite friends over via Zoom and have everyone decorate their own houses at home during the call. Challenge each other with cool designs or try out different flavor combinations for extra points!
  2. Take Your Creation Out Into The World – Bring your masterpiece outdoors and show it off in public parks or even at restaurants (if allowed). Who knows? Maybe people will drop by just for the photo op alone!
  3. Enter A Competition – Check online for local competitions near you where entrants submit photos of their creations. Not only do these competitions provide bragging rights but sometimes there can be some serious cash prizes too!

No matter what kind of baker you consider yourself to be, crafting a gingerbread house can be a great way to celebrate National Gingerbread House Day this December 12th. With these tips on what supplies you need and how to celebrate in style, anyone can create their very own edible masterpiece right at home. So grab those ingredients and let’s get baking – gingerbread season has officially begun!

When does Gingerbread House Day happen next year?

Gingerbread House Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Friday December 12, 2025
  • Saturday December 12, 2026
  • Sunday December 12, 2027
  • Tuesday December 12, 2028
  • Wednesday December 12, 2029


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