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International Tea Day

May 21

When is International Tea Day?

International Tea Day happens on Tuesday May 21, 2024.

Celebrating International Tea Day Around the World!

This December 15th, it’s time to channel your inner tea-lover and celebrate International Tea Day. While you may know tea as a favorite morning ritual or a soothing bedtime treat, did you know there are many different ways that people around the world enjoy this beloved beverage? Let’s take a look at how some countries use tea in unique and creative ways.


India is famous for its Masala Chai, which is made with black tea leaves steeped in milk with spices like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, peppercorns and clove. Masala Chai is served hot or cold depending on your preference – it’s so popular that it can even be found sold on the street by chai wallahs!


In Japan, traditional green teas such as Matcha are enjoyed during special occasions like weddings and tea ceremonies. Matcha tea is made by grinding green tea leaves into a powder which is then whisked with hot water. It has been an important part of Japanese culture for centuries and even has its own set of etiquette rules to adhere to when drinking it in public.


Moroccan Mint Tea (known locally as Maghrebi mint) is made from gunpowder green tea leaves brewed with spearmint leaves and sugar. It’s typically served hot in ornate glasses decorated with intricate designs. The tradition of drinking Moroccan Mint Tea dates back hundreds of years and continues to be enjoyed every day throughout Morocco.

So whether you’re sipping on Masala Chai in India, enjoying Matcha at a Japanese wedding ceremony or savoring minty-sweet Moroccan Mint Tea in Morocco – there are plenty of unique ways to celebrate International Tea Day this year!

When does International Tea Day happen next year?

International Tea Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday May 21, 2025
  • Thursday May 21, 2026
  • Friday May 21, 2027
  • Sunday May 21, 2028
  • Monday May 21, 2029

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