International Waffle Day

March 25

When is International Waffle Day?

International Waffle Day happens on Monday March 25, 2024.

Celebrating International Waffle Day Around the World!

March 25th is International Waffle Day, a day to honor one of the most delicious breakfasts around. Waffles are a global favorite and can be found in many different forms all over the world. Let’s take a look at how people from different countries enjoy this delicious treat!


The Belgian waffle is probably the most iconic form of waffle in the world. These airy treats are served with a variety of toppings like chocolate, fruit, whipped cream and more. In Belgium, it’s common to eat them plain as well – no syrup or butter needed!

United States

Americans love their waffles and they often come with classic toppings like maple syrup, butter, and fresh fruit. Some more unique American variations include chicken and waffles (a southern classic), cookie dough-stuffed waffles, and even waffle ice cream sandwiches. Yum!


German waffles are also known as Herzwaffeln, and they’re usually heart shaped sprinkled with powdered sugar for added sweetness. They’re usually served without any additional toppings but you may find applesauce or fruit for some extra flavor.

On March 25th we celebrate International Waffle Day by eating these delicious treats in all kinds of ways! From Belgium to Germany everyone has their own version of this classic breakfast food so why not try something new? For those who love sweet flavors try out a Belgian waffle topped with your favorite fruits or chocolate spread while those who enjoy savory dishes can opt for toppings like bacon and other goodies. No matter how you decide to celebrate International Waffle Day make sure it’s delicious!

When does International Waffle Day happen next year?

International Waffle Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Tuesday March 25, 2025
  • Wednesday March 25, 2026
  • Thursday March 25, 2027
  • Saturday March 25, 2028
  • Sunday March 25, 2029


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