National Apple Turnover Day

July 5

When is National Apple Turnover Day?

National Apple Turnover Day happens on Friday July 5, 2024.

A Sweet Twist of Freedom: Celebrating National Apple Turnover Day

As the fireworks of the Fourth of July settle into a shimmering memory, there’s a deliciously sweet reason to keep the celebration going. Welcome to National Apple Turnover Day on July 5th, a day dedicated to the flaky, fruity pastries that have captured hearts and taste buds across the nation. So, let’s keep the patriotic spirit alive by diving into the delightful world of apple turnovers, proving that, yes, independence can be both liberating and delicious!

The Allure of the Apple Turnover

Apple turnovers are like little parcels of joy. With their golden, flaky exterior giving way to a warm, spiced apple filling, they embody the essence of home and comfort. But here’s the best part: turnovers are surprisingly easy to make! Whether you’re a seasoned baker or someone who finds the kitchen as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle, turnovers are here to make your culinary journey both easy and rewarding.

Yes, You Can Make Them!

Turnovers might look like they require the skill of a pastry chef, but they’re actually quite beginner-friendly. Here’s why:

  • Pre-made Pastry Dough: Many recipes call for pre-made puff pastry dough, which you can find in the freezer section of most grocery stores. Thaw it, fill it, fold it, and voila – you’re practically there.
  • Simple Filling: The apple filling usually requires just a few ingredients: apples, sugar, cinnamon, and perhaps a touch of lemon juice. Cook them together until soft, and your filling is ready to go.
  • Forgiving Shape: The beauty of turnovers is in their rustic charm. Each one is a unique, handcrafted treasure. No need for perfection here; they’re meant to be whimsically irregular.

Ways to Celebrate National Apple Turnover Day

  1. Bake and Take: Whip up a batch of apple turnovers and share them with friends, family, or neighbors. It’s a sweet way to spread some joy and show off your newfound baking skills.
  2. Turnover Party: Invite friends over for a turnover-making party. Prepare different fillings and let everyone create their own custom turnovers. It’s a fun, hands-on activity that ends with a delicious reward.
  3. Virtual Bake-Off: Challenge your online friends to a virtual apple turnover bake-off. Share photos or videos of your creations and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with baking together, apart.
  4. Explore Variations: While apples are traditional, turnovers can be filled with almost anything. Celebrate by experimenting with different fruits like cherries, peaches, or even savory options like spinach and feta.

Did You Know?

Apple of My Eye: Apples are one of the most versatile fruits in baking, with each variety offering a different balance of sweetness and tartness. Experiment with different types to find your perfect turnover apple.

Turn the Page to Deliciousness

National Apple Turnover Day is more than just a celebration of a beloved pastry; it’s an invitation to create, share, and savor the simple pleasures in life. So, this July 5th, let the sweet scent of baking apples fill the air, and may every bite remind you of the joy that comes from a little independence in the kitchen.

Happy National Apple Turnover Day! May your turnovers be flaky, your fillings be sweet, and your day be filled with delicious adventures.

When does National Apple Turnover Day happen next year?

National Apple Turnover Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Saturday July 5, 2025
  • Sunday July 5, 2026
  • Monday July 5, 2027
  • Wednesday July 5, 2028
  • Thursday July 5, 2029


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