National Brisket Day

May 28

When is National Brisket Day?

National Brisket Day happens on Tuesday May 28, 2024.

National Brisket Day: Celebrating the King of BBQ on May 28th

Fire up the smokers and get your taste buds ready, because May 28th is National Brisket Day! This day is dedicated to brisket, a cut of beef known for its rich flavor and tender texture when cooked right. A staple in barbecue and a favorite among pitmasters, brisket has earned its rightful place in the heart of meat lovers. And the best part? The leftover possibilities are just as exciting as the main event. Let’s dive into the world of brisket, from perfecting the cook to savoring every last bite. 🎉🍖

The Art of Cooking Brisket:

Brisket is a cut from the lower chest of beef. What makes it special is the care it requires to transform from a tough cut into a melt-in-your-mouth masterpiece. It’s typically seasoned with a simple rub, smoked over low heat for several hours, and sliced to reveal a tender, juicy interior.

Celebrating National Brisket Day:

  1. Host a BBQ: There’s no better way to celebrate than firing up the grill and cooking a brisket. Invite friends and family over for a feast.
  2. Visit a BBQ Joint: Head to your favorite barbecue restaurant to enjoy a professionally cooked brisket.
  3. Share on Social Media: Show off your brisket cooking skills or your favorite brisket meal with #NationalBrisketDay.
  4. Learn from the Pros: Watch tutorials from renowned pitmasters to pick up new tips and tricks for cooking brisket.

Creative Uses for Leftover Brisket:

  • Brisket Tacos: Shred the brisket and serve in tortillas with your choice of toppings for a tasty twist on tacos.
  • Brisket Sandwiches: Layer slices on a bun with BBQ sauce, coleslaw, and pickles.
  • Brisket Hash: Mix chopped brisket with potatoes, onions, and peppers for a hearty breakfast.
  • Brisket Chili: Use it as the base for a rich and hearty chili, perfect for cooler days.
  • Brisket Poutine: Top fries with chunks of brisket, cheese curds, and gravy for a decadent dish.

Tips for the Perfect Brisket:

  • Patience is Key: Low and slow is the mantra for brisket. Don’t rush the cooking process.
  • Keep It Moist: Use a water pan in your smoker to keep the meat moist during the long cooking time.
  • Let It Rest: Allow the brisket to rest before slicing to keep it juicy.

Pairing Your Brisket:

Serve with classic sides like baked beans, cornbread, or a crisp green salad.

National Brisket Day is a day for all BBQ enthusiasts to rejoice in the glory of one of the most cherished barbecue staples. Whether you’re smoking it in your backyard, enjoying it at a local BBQ spot, or getting creative with the leftovers, there’s no wrong way to celebrate this meaty holiday. So, let’s pay homage to the brisket, a cut that brings friends and families together for unforgettable feasts. Happy National Brisket Day! 🍖🔥

When does National Brisket Day happen next year?

National Brisket Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday May 28, 2025
  • Thursday May 28, 2026
  • Friday May 28, 2027
  • Sunday May 28, 2028
  • Monday May 28, 2029


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