National Celery Month


When is National Celery Month?

National Celery Month happens on Friday March 1, 2024.

National Celery Month: Crunching into the Freshness of March

March is not just the bridge between winter and spring; it’s also National Celery Month! This celebration is all about embracing the crisp, refreshing, and versatile vegetable that has been a staple in our kitchens for generations. Whether you love it for its crunch in salads or its subtle flavor in soups, National Celery Month is the perfect time to explore the many facets of this humble yet mighty veggie.

The Unsung Hero in Your Kitchen:

Often seen as just a side or a snack, celery is so much more. With its distinctive flavor and a satisfying crunch, celery has the power to elevate dishes from good to great. It’s time we give celery the recognition it deserves!

Why Celebrate Celery?

  • Health Benefits: Celery is packed with essential nutrients, low in calories, and a great source of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Versatility: From raw snacks to cooked dishes, celery’s versatility makes it a favorite in a wide range of cuisines.
  • Hydration: With its high water content, celery is perfect for staying hydrated, especially as the weather starts to warm up.

Fun Ways to Enjoy Celery This Month:

  1. Celery Snack Challenge: Rediscover celery as a snack. Try it with peanut butter, cream cheese, or your favorite dip.
  2. Cooking with Celery: Experiment with celery in your cooking. Add it to stews, stir-fries, or pasta dishes for an extra crunch.
  3. Juicing: Celery juice is a health trend worth trying. It’s refreshing, detoxifying, and a great way to start your day.
  4. Celery-themed Dinner Party: Host a dinner where each dish features celery in some form. It’s a unique theme that will surely spark creativity in the kitchen.

Celery in Different Cultures:

Celery isn’t just a staple in American kitchens. This month, explore how different cultures use celery in their traditional dishes. You might find some delicious surprises!

Grow Your Own Celery:

Did you know you can regrow celery from the base of the stalks? It’s a simple and rewarding gardening project that’s perfect for spring.

Celery Art:

Get the kids involved with celery stamp art. The unique patterns of the celery base make for beautiful, natural stamps.

National Celery Month is a celebration of a vegetable that’s often overlooked but always appreciated. It’s a time to experiment with new recipes, learn about its health benefits, and maybe even grow some of your own. So, let’s embrace the crisp, fresh goodness of celery and make March a month to remember!

When does National Celery Month happen next year?

National Celery Month will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Saturday March 1, 2025
  • Sunday March 1, 2026
  • Monday March 1, 2027
  • Wednesday March 1, 2028
  • Thursday March 1, 2029


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