National Cherry Cobbler Day

May 17

When is National Cherry Cobbler Day?

National Cherry Cobbler Day happens on Friday May 17, 2024.

National Cherry Cobbler Day: Indulging in a Sweet Classic on May 17th

Sweeten up your spring with a spoonful of goodness because May 17th is National Cherry Cobbler Day! This day is all about celebrating the delightful and homely cherry cobbler, a classic American dessert that has been warming hearts and homes for generations. With its juicy cherry filling and golden, biscuit-like topping, cherry cobbler is the perfect treat to welcome the vibrant flavors of spring. Let’s tie on our aprons and dive into the delicious world of cherry cobbler. 🌸🍒

The Charm of Cherry Cobbler:

Cherry cobbler is a beloved dessert for its combination of tart cherries and sweet, crumbly topping. It’s a rustic and comforting dish, often enjoyed warm and, ideally, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

Celebrating National Cherry Cobbler Day:

  1. Bake Your Own Cobbler: There’s nothing like homemade cherry cobbler. Use fresh or canned cherries, depending on availability, and don’t forget to add a touch of cinnamon or almond extract for extra flavor.
  2. Cobbler Baking Contest: Challenge friends or family members to a cherry cobbler bake-off. Share your creations online or have a small, friendly gathering to taste and judge.
  3. Support Local Bakeries: Visit your local bakery to see their take on this classic dessert and support small businesses.
  4. Cherry Cobbler Social Media Share: Post your cherry cobbler photos on social media with #NationalCherryCobblerDay to join the nationwide celebration.

Creative Twists on Traditional Cherry Cobbler:

  • Chocolate Cherry Cobbler: Add chocolate chips to the cherry filling for a decadent twist.
  • Mixed Berry Cobbler: Combine cherries with other berries like blueberries or raspberries for a fruity mix.
  • Savory Cherry Cobbler: Experiment with a savory version using less sugar and adding herbs like thyme or rosemary.
  • Mini Cobblers: Make individual cobblers in ramekins for a personalized dessert experience.

Tips for the Perfect Cherry Cobbler:

  • The Right Cherries: If using fresh cherries, choose ones that are firm and tart for the best flavor.
  • Topping Texture: For a perfectly golden and crumbly topping, make sure your butter is cold and don’t overmix the dough.
  • Thickening the Filling: Use cornstarch or flour to thicken the cherry filling to the right consistency.

Pairing Your Cherry Cobbler:

  • Ice Cream: A classic scoop of vanilla ice cream is the perfect companion to a warm cherry cobbler.
  • Coffee or Tea: Enjoy your cobbler with a cup of coffee or tea for a cozy dessert experience.

National Cherry Cobbler Day is a sweet reminder of the simple pleasures in life. This delightful dessert, with its balance of tart and sweet, crunchy and soft, brings joy to any table. Whether you’re baking from scratch, enjoying a store-bought treat, or experimenting with new recipes, let’s all bask in the deliciousness of cherry cobbler. Happy baking, happy eating, and happy National Cherry Cobbler Day! 🍒🥧

When does National Cherry Cobbler Day happen next year?

National Cherry Cobbler Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Saturday May 17, 2025
  • Sunday May 17, 2026
  • Monday May 17, 2027
  • Wednesday May 17, 2028
  • Thursday May 17, 2029


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