National Chimichanga Day

September 26

When is National Chimichanga Day?

National Chimichanga Day happens on Thursday September 26, 2024.

Savor the Crunch: Celebrating National Chimichanga Day on September 26th!

Tex-Mex enthusiasts and crispy food aficionados, mark your calendars! September 26th is not just another day—it’s National Chimichanga Day. This day is a tribute to the delectable chimichanga, that crispy, deep-fried burrito we all secretly (or not-so-secretly) crave. Join us as we unwrap the history, charm, and allure of the chimichanga and inspire you to indulge in its flavors.

The Charm of the Chimichanga:

A chimichanga is essentially a burrito that’s taken a delightful deep-fried twist. Filled with a choice of ingredients like meat, beans, cheese, or rice, and then deep-fried to golden perfection, it’s a dish that offers a crispy exterior and a warm, flavorful interior.

A Glimpse into the Chimichanga’s Past:

The origins of the chimichanga are a subject of debate and folklore. Some tales suggest an accidental invention—a dropped burrito in a deep fryer turned into a culinary masterpiece. Others believe it was a deliberate creation to innovate the Tex-Mex menu. Regardless of its true beginnings, the chimichanga has firmly established itself as a beloved dish in American and Mexican cuisines.

Mouthwatering Variations:

  1. Meat-filled: Whether it’s beef, chicken, or pork, meat-filled chimichangas are a hearty favorite.
  2. Seafood Chimichangas: Filled with shrimp, crab, or other seafood, offering a coastal twist.
  3. Veggie Delight: Packed with beans, rice, cheese, and an array of vegetables.
  4. Sweet Chimichangas: Yes, they exist! Filled with sweet fillings like chocolate or fruit, they’re a dessert lover’s dream.

How to Celebrate National Chimichanga Day:

  1. Local Tex-Mex Eatery: Head to your favorite local Tex-Mex restaurant and order a plate of piping hot chimichangas.
  2. DIY Chimichanga Night: Gather ingredients and try your hand at making homemade chimichangas. Experiment with fillings and dips.
  3. Chimichanga Challenge: Rally your food-loving friends and have a chimichanga cook-off to see who can make the most delectable dish.
  4. Explore Stories: Dive into the tales and folklore surrounding the chimichanga’s origin. Share and debate with fellow enthusiasts.
  5. Pair with Sides: Enjoy your chimichanga with complementary sides—guacamole, salsa, sour cream, or a fresh salad.
National Chimichanga Day on September 26th is a culinary celebration that resonates with the heartbeats of all deep-fried food lovers. Whether you’re well-acquainted with the chimichanga or are yet to take your first bite, this day offers a crispy, flavorful journey like no other. So, here’s to the chimichanga—may its golden crunch and delectable fillings bring joy to plates and palates everywhere. Happy National Chimichanga Day! Dive in and savor every bite!

When does National Chimichanga Day happen next year?

National Chimichanga Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Friday September 26, 2025
  • Saturday September 26, 2026
  • Sunday September 26, 2027
  • Tuesday September 26, 2028
  • Wednesday September 26, 2029


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