National Eat Your Jello Day

July 12

When is National Eat Your Jello Day?

National Eat Your Jello Day happens on Friday July 12, 2024.

Wobble Into Fun: Celebrating National Eat Your Jello Day

Get ready to dive spoon-first into a bowl of wobbly wonder because National Eat Your Jello Day on July 12th is here to add a splash of fun and color to your summer! Jello, the gelatinous dessert that has charmed its way onto dining tables across the globe, isn’t just about enjoying a delicious treat; it’s about celebrating the joy, the creativity, and the sheer whimsy that Jello brings into our lives. So, let’s get jiggly with it and explore the many ways to enjoy Jello on its special day.

The Joy of Jello: A Colorful History

Jello, with its origins tracing back to gelatin-based desserts from centuries ago, became a household name in 1897 thanks to Pearle Bixby Wait and his wife, May Davis Wait, who trademarked the name for their gelatin dessert. Since then, Jello has evolved from a simple, flavored gelatin into a versatile ingredient that can be part of desserts, salads, and even some savory dishes.

Celebrating with a Jiggle: Fun Ways to Enjoy Jello

  1. Classic Jello Mold: Nothing says retro fun like a Jello mold. Whether you opt for a simple, single-flavor mold or an intricate layered masterpiece, the mold offers a visually stunning way to enjoy this classic treat.
  2. Jello Art: Unleash your creativity by using different colors of Jello to create edible art. Whether it’s a rainbow layer cake or Jello cubes suspended in a clear gelatin base, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.
  3. Fruity Jello Salad: For a refreshing summer dish, try making a Jello salad. Add fresh fruits like berries, pineapple, or peaches to partially set Jello, then chill until firm. It’s a sweet and cool treat that’s perfect for hot days.
  4. Jello Popsicles: Cool down with homemade Jello popsicles. Just prepare your Jello as usual, pour into popsicle molds, insert sticks, and freeze. It’s a fun and frosty twist on the traditional Jello experience.

Jello: More Than Just a Dessert

Jello has become more than just a gelatin dessert; it’s a medium for artistic expression, a staple at family gatherings, and a symbol of comfort food for many. Its appeal lies in its simplicity, versatility, and the way it can bring a smile to faces, young and old alike.

A Wobbly Toast to Togetherness

As we celebrate National Eat Your Jello Day, let’s remember that it’s not just about indulging in a jiggly dessert; it’s about the moments we share while making and enjoying it. From the anticipation of watching it set to the laughter that follows a Jello flop, these are the memories that sweeten the deal.

So, here’s to a day filled with vibrant colors, delightful wobbles, and shared smiles. Whether you’re enjoying a sophisticated Jello dessert or playfully squishing it between your teeth, may your day be as fun and flavorful as the Jello you’re enjoying.

Happy National Eat Your Jello Day! Let the good times jiggle!

When does National Eat Your Jello Day happen next year?

National Eat Your Jello Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Saturday July 12, 2025
  • Sunday July 12, 2026
  • Monday July 12, 2027
  • Wednesday July 12, 2028
  • Thursday July 12, 2029


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