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National French Fry Day

July 12

When is National French Fry Day?

National French Fry Day happens on Friday July 12, 2024.

Fry-Day Festivities: Celebrating National French Fry Day

Circle the second Friday in July on your calendars, because National French Fry Day is here to turn an ordinary day into a fry-tastic celebration of everyone’s favorite golden treat! It’s the day to honor those crispy, fluffy-on-the-inside sticks of potato goodness that have captured hearts and taste buds around the globe. Whether you’re a fan of the classic shoestring, the hearty steak cut, or the avant-garde sweet potato fry, this day is your official excuse to indulge. So, let’s ketchup on all the fun ways to celebrate National French Fry Day!

The Global Love Affair with French Fries

While we call them “French” fries, the origins of fried potatoes are hotly contested, with both Belgium and France claiming this delicious invention. Regardless of where they truly began, there’s no denying that French fries have become a global phenomenon. Available in countless variations and served with an array of condiments, they’re a testament to the universal language of comfort food.

Dipping Into the Celebrations

  1. Fry Tasting Tour: Embark on a culinary adventure in your city to find the best French fries. From fast-food joints to high-end restaurants, today is the day to sample them all. Don’t forget to explore different seasonings and dips!
  2. Homemade Fry Fest: Who says you need to go out to enjoy great fries? Experiment with making different types of fries at home. Try your hand at double-frying for that perfect crunch, or explore healthier alternatives like oven-baked or air-fried options.
  3. French Fry Potluck: Host a French fry-themed potluck where friends bring their favorite type of fry or homemade dip. It’s a great way to discover new flavors and share your love for fries with fellow fry enthusiasts.
  4. Fry Art Contest: For a fun family activity, why not have a French fry art contest? Use fries to create artistic masterpieces before eating them. It’s a deliciously creative way to engage kids and adults alike.
  5. Support Local Businesses: Take this opportunity to support your local eateries by ordering their signature fries. It’s a great way to celebrate the day while giving back to your community.

Fun Fry Facts

  • Did You Know? The average American eats about 30 pounds of French fries a year!
  • Fry Condiments Around the World: While ketchup and mayo are classic in the U.S., fries are enjoyed with mayonnaise in Belgium and vinegar in the UK.

A Toast to the Humble Spud

National French Fry Day is more than just an ode to a beloved side dish; it’s a celebration of shared moments, from quick snacks grabbed on the go to leisurely meals with loved ones. It’s a reminder that sometimes, happiness is found in the simplest pleasures—a warm, crispy batch of fries.

So, here’s to the humble French fry—a simple slice of potato that brings so much joy. May your fries be crispy, your dipping sauces plentiful, and your celebrations joyful.

Happy National French Fry Day! Let’s make it a Fry-Day to remember.

When does National French Fry Day happen next year?

National French Fry Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Friday July 11, 2025
  • Friday July 10, 2026
  • Friday July 9, 2027
  • Friday July 14, 2028
  • Friday July 13, 2029


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