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National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day

January 15

When is National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day?

National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day happens on Monday January 15, 2024.

Squeeze the Day: National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day

Imagine starting your day with a glass of sunshine — that’s what National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day is all about. Celebrated on January 15th, it’s a day to embrace the vitality and flavor that only comes from the freshest of juices, squeezed straight from the fruit or vegetable itself.

Why Fresh Squeezed?

In a world brimming with pre-packaged options, fresh squeezed juice stands out for its purity and direct connection to nature’s bounty. This day is a reminder of the simple pleasures and immense health benefits that come from a glass of juice made from the freshest produce.

A Toast to Wellness:

  • Nutrient-Dense: A single glass of fresh squeezed juice can pack a day’s worth of vitamins and minerals, supporting everything from skin health to immune function.
  • Hydration Hero: Fresh juices are not only about the nutrients; they’re also a delicious way to stay hydrated.
  • Flavor Fiesta: The taste of fresh juice is unmatched, with flavors that can be both bold and nuanced, reflecting the quality and variety of the produce used.

Celebrating with Freshness:

  1. DIY Juicing: There’s no better way to celebrate than by making your own juice. Whether it’s a simple orange juice or a more adventurous blend like kale, apple, and ginger, the day is perfect for experimentation.
  2. Juice for a Cause: Some choose to use National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day to raise awareness about healthy eating or to fundraise for related causes, offering freshly squeezed concoctions in return for donations.
  3. Spread the Juice Joy: Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to fresh juice. Make extra to share with friends, family, or neighbors, or even teach someone how to make their own.

Mindful Juicing:

As we savor our freshly squeezed drinks, it’s also a time to think about where our produce comes from. Opting for seasonal and local fruits and vegetables can enhance both the flavor of the juice and the health of our planet. So, on January 15th, let’s raise our glasses to health, to nature, and to the joy of juice that’s just a squeeze away.

When does National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day happen next year?

National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday January 15, 2025
  • Thursday January 15, 2026
  • Friday January 15, 2027
  • Saturday January 15, 2028
  • Monday January 15, 2029


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