National Fufu Day

August 11

When is National Fufu Day?

National Fufu Day happens on Sunday August 11, 2024.

National Fufu Day – Let’s Celebrate!

What is fufu, you ask? Fufu is a traditional West African dish made from starchy foods like cassava, yams, or plantains that are boiled and then pounded into a dough-like consistency. It’s usually served with a soup or stew on top and is eaten by hand (so no utensils necessary!). Today, we celebrate National Fufu Day – a day to enjoy this delicious dish!

Types of Fufu

There are many different types of fufu, depending on the region you’re in and the ingredients that are available. Some common types of fufu include: cassava fufu, plantain fufu, yam fufu, and banku (a Ghanaian variety). No matter which type of fufu you try, you’re sure to enjoy its distinct flavor and texture.

How to Make Fufu

Makingfufu is a labor-intensive process, but it’s definitely worth it! The first step is to boil the starchy food of your choice until it’s soft. Once it’s done boiling, drain off the water and let it cool for a few minutes. Then, begin pounding it with a wooden mortar and pestle until it reaches the desired consistency. This can take some time (and some elbow grease!), but eventually, you’ll have a soft ball of dough-like fufu that’s ready to be served.

Happy National Fufu Day! Whether you choose to celebrate by making your own fufu or enjoying a plate someone else has prepared, today is the perfect day to enjoy this delicious traditional dish. So get out there and celebrate!

When does National Fufu Day happen next year?

National Fufu Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Monday August 11, 2025
  • Tuesday August 11, 2026
  • Wednesday August 11, 2027
  • Friday August 11, 2028
  • Saturday August 11, 2029


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