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National Gourmet Coffee Day

January 18

When is National Gourmet Coffee Day?

National Gourmet Coffee Day happens on Thursday January 18, 2024.

Celebrate National Gourmet Coffee Day with Delicious Drinks and Treats!

Get ready to fuel your coffee-loving soul! Thursday, January 18th is National Gourmet Coffee Day – a day to celebrate the deliciousness of gourmet coffee. Whether you’re a latte lover or prefer espresso, there are so many ways you can revel in the joy of coffee on this special day. Let’s explore all the fun ways to indulge in National Gourmet Coffee Day!

Brew Your Own Gourmet Coffee at Home

Why not kick off National Gourmet Coffee Day by brewing your own gourmet coffee? With all the amazing beans available today, you can make almost any type of gourmet coffee as long as you have some good quality grounds and an espresso machine or French press. Pick something special like Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for a smooth, citrusy cup of joe or go for something bold and flavorful like Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling. Experimenting with different beans can be a great way to celebrate National Gourmet Coffee Day!

Try New and Exotic Brews at Your Local Cafe

If brewing your own gourmet coffee isn’t quite up your alley, check out some of the specialty drinks at local cafes. There are tons of inventive creations out there that might surprise you – from nitro cold brews to lavender cappuccinos. Make it even more festive and get one of those fun latte art designs while you’re at it! And don’t forget about ordering pastries and other treats alongside your favorite drink; it is a holiday after all!

Host a Gourmet Coffee Tasting Party

For those who really want to take their celebration to the next level, why not host a gourmet coffee tasting party? Invite some friends over and sample various types of coffees from around the world. You could even turn it into an educational event by teaching about different flavors, roasts, origins, etc., or just make it more casual by enjoying each type without any fuss. Another fun idea would be to pair each type with different desserts or snacks; what better way is there to celebrate National Gourmet Coffee Day?

Now that we have explored all the ways you can enjoy National Gourmet Coffee Day on January 18th, why not pick one (or two…or three) options and get started? Mixing things up with home brewing or trying out new drinks at cafes can be both entertaining and educational. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, hosting a tasting party is sure to be an unforgettable experience full of laughter and deliciousness. So go ahead – indulge yourself in this magical beverage on January 18th!

When does National Gourmet Coffee Day happen next year?

National Gourmet Coffee Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Saturday January 18, 2025
  • Sunday January 18, 2026
  • Monday January 18, 2027
  • Tuesday January 18, 2028
  • Thursday January 18, 2029


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