National Horseradish Month


When is National Horseradish Month?

National Horseradish Month happens on Monday July 1, 2024.

Feel the Heat: Celebrating National Horseradish Month in July

July is not just about sunny days and beach vacations; it’s also the time to celebrate one of the culinary world’s most underrated heroes – horseradish! Yes, you heard it right. National Horseradish Month is upon us, offering a whole 31 days dedicated to this fiery, pungent root that packs a powerful punch. So, let’s clear our sinuses and dive into the spicy, zesty world of horseradish, a condiment that’s sure to add a kick to your summer dishes.

Unearthing the Horseradish:

Horseradish, with its long, white roots, might look unassuming, but it’s anything but that when it comes to flavor. A member of the mustard family, this potent plant has been spicing up dishes for centuries, bringing tears of joy (and intensity) to those brave enough to indulge. Whether grated fresh, mixed into sauces, or used as a fiery spread, horseradish has a way of making its presence known.

How to Spice Up National Horseradish Month:

  • Host a Horseradish Tasting Party: Gather your friends for a horseradish tasting party. From creamy horseradish sauces to potent fresh grates, explore the many forms this root can take. Just keep the water (or milk) close by!
  • DIY Horseradish Condiments: Why buy when you can DIY? July is the perfect time to experiment with making your own horseradish condiments. Mix it with mayonnaise, sour cream, or mustard to create custom blends that will elevate your sandwiches and roasts.
  • Horseradish Challenge: Think you’ve got what it takes to handle the heat? Challenge your friends or family to a horseradish challenge. Who can create the most delicious yet fiery dish using horseradish? Let the culinary creativity (and competition) flow!
  • Educational Excursions: Did you know that some farms specialize in growing horseradish? Plan a visit to a local horseradish farm or a farmers’ market where you can learn more about how this spicy root grows and maybe even pick up some fresh horseradish to take home.

Creative Ways to Enjoy Horseradish:

  • In Salad Dressings: Give your salads an extra kick by whisking some horseradish into your dressings.
  • Horseradish Ice Cream: For the truly adventurous, why not try making horseradish ice cream? It’s a unique way to cool down and heat up at the same time!
  • Horseradish Sour Cream Dip: Mix sour cream with grated horseradish, a squeeze of lemon juice, and chives for a quick and easy dip. It’s perfect for chips, vegetable sticks, or as a topping for baked potatoes.
  • Horseradish Crusted Salmon: Create a crust for salmon fillets using breadcrumbs mixed with grated horseradish and herbs. Bake until the fish is cooked through and the crust is golden and crispy.

National Horseradish Month is a time to explore and appreciate the versatility, heat, and flavor that horseradish brings to the table. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a curious newcomer ready to take the plunge into the world of spicy condiments, July offers the perfect opportunity to experiment with and savor this distinctive root. So, let’s raise our forks (and maybe a tissue for those horseradish tears) to a month of fiery flavors and culinary adventures. Here’s to horseradish, the root that keeps on giving!

When does National Horseradish Month happen next year?

National Horseradish Month will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Tuesday July 1, 2025
  • Wednesday July 1, 2026
  • Thursday July 1, 2027
  • Saturday July 1, 2028
  • Sunday July 1, 2029


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