National Italian Beef Day

May 25

When is National Italian Beef Day?

National Italian Beef Day happens on Saturday May 25, 2024.

National Italian Beef Day: Savoring a Chicago Classic on the Fourth Saturday of May

Get ready to sink your teeth into a savory celebration, because the fourth Saturday of May marks National Italian Beef Day! This day is dedicated to one of Chicago’s most iconic and beloved sandwiches – the Italian Beef. Juicy, flavorful, and often a little messy, Italian Beef sandwiches are a true testament to the rich culinary traditions of the Windy City. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just getting introduced to this mouthwatering delight, let’s explore the delicious world of Italian Beef and how to celebrate it in style! 🌆🥩

The Legendary Italian Beef Sandwich:

The Italian Beef sandwich is a marvel of simplicity and flavor. It consists of thinly sliced, seasoned roast beef, simmered and served in its own juices (often referred to as ‘gravy’) on a long Italian-style roll. The sandwich is typically topped with sweet peppers or spicy giardiniera, an Italian relish of pickled vegetables in vinegar or oil.

Celebrating National Italian Beef Day:

  1. Visit a Local Joint: If you’re in Chicago or a city with Chicago-style eateries, grab an Italian Beef sandwich from a local favorite. Don’t forget to specify how you want it – dry, wet, or dipped!
  2. Host a Sandwich Party: Gather friends or family and make your own Italian Beef sandwiches. It’s a fun way to explore different toppings and levels of juiciness.
  3. Explore Variations: Try making variations of the sandwich, like adding cheese, or serving the beef on garlic bread for a unique twist.
  4. Share Your Experience: Post your Italian Beef sandwich photos on social media with #NationalItalianBeefDay to spread the love for this Chicago classic.

Making Your Own Italian Beef at Home:

  • The Beef: Start with a good quality roast beef. Season it generously with Italian spices and garlic.
  • The Cooking: Slow roast the beef until it’s tender, then thinly slice it. Simmer the slices in the meat juices for extra flavor.
  • The Bread: Use a crusty Italian roll that can hold up to the juices without falling apart.
  • The Toppings: Offer a choice of sweet bell peppers, hot giardiniera, or both.

Tips for the Perfect Italian Beef Sandwich:

  • Thinly Sliced Beef: The thinner the beef, the more tender the sandwich.
  • Balancing Juiciness: Choose how wet you want your sandwich. A little gravy goes a long way in adding flavor and moisture.
  • Spice It Up: Customize the heat level with your choice of mild or spicy giardiniera.

Pairing Your Italian Beef Sandwich:

Keep it simple with classic sides like fries or a simple green salad.

National Italian Beef Day is a fantastic opportunity to indulge in a sandwich that’s not just a meal, but a piece of Chicago’s culinary heritage. Whether enjoyed at a local eatery, made at home, or shared with fellow Italian Beef enthusiasts, it’s a day to savor the flavors and traditions of this beloved sandwich. So, let’s hoist our beefy delights high and celebrate this deliciously satisfying day! 🇮🇹🥪

When does National Italian Beef Day happen next year?

National Italian Beef Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Saturday May 24, 2025
  • Saturday May 23, 2026
  • Saturday May 22, 2027
  • Saturday May 27, 2028
  • Saturday May 26, 2029


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