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National Linguine Day

September 15

When is National Linguine Day?

National Linguine Day happens on Sunday September 15, 2024.

Celebrate National Linguine Day with Deliciousness!

Have you ever heard of National Linguine Day? It’s a day devoted to celebrating the classic Italian pasta dish – linguine! This year, National Linguine Day falls on September 15th, and it’s the perfect opportunity to whip up one of your favorite dishes. Let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of linguine dishes out there so you can really make this day special.

So What Is Linguine?

First things first, what is linguine? It’s an Italian pasta dish that looks like a wide, flat spaghetti noodle. It has ridges on either side which helps sauces stick to it better than other pastas. The word “linguine” comes from the Latin word “linguini” which literally translates to “little tongues.”

Types of Linguine Dishes

The beauty of linguine is that it can be used in so many different types of dishes. Here are some ideas for how to celebrate National Linguine Day:
  • Seafood-Lovers: Toss cooked linguine with shrimp, scallops, crab meat, and asparagus for a delicious seafood feast.
  • Meat-Eaters: Add cooked sausage and mushrooms to your linguine for an easy yet flavorful dinner option.
  • Vegetarians/Vegans: Saute some spinach, artichokes, peppers, and garlic in olive oil and pour over cooked linguine for a vegan-friendly meal.
  • Chefs: Make your own pesto sauce by blending fresh basil leaves with olive oil, Parmesan cheese, garlic cloves and pine nuts then toss it with cooked linguine for a unique dish!

How to Celebrate National Linguine Day

So there you have it – some great ways to celebrate National Linguine Day! Whether you opt for seafood, meaty options or vegetarian fare – this classic Italian pasta dish is sure to please all palates! Remember that simplicity is key when making these delicious dishes – use high quality ingredients and let them speak for themselves in each bite. Wishing everyone a happy National Linguine day! Buon appetito!

When does National Linguine Day happen next year?

National Linguine Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Monday September 15, 2025
  • Tuesday September 15, 2026
  • Wednesday September 15, 2027
  • Friday September 15, 2028
  • Saturday September 15, 2029


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