National Lobster Thermidor Day

January 24

When is National Lobster Thermidor Day?

National Lobster Thermidor Day happens on Wednesday January 24, 2024.

National Lobster Thermidor Day: Celebrating a Culinary Classic on January 24th

As the chill of January lingers, food enthusiasts and seafood aficionados have a reason to rejoice with the arrival of National Lobster Thermidor Day on January 24th. This day celebrates one of the most luxurious and classic dishes in French cuisine: Lobster Thermidor.

A Dish with a Rich History

Lobster Thermidor, first created in 1894, is a dish steeped in culinary tradition and elegance. Its origin traces back to a Parisian restaurant and it’s named after Victorien Sardou’s play, “Thermidor.” Since its inception, Lobster Thermidor has been synonymous with fine dining and opulence.

What Makes Lobster Thermidor Special?

This exquisite dish involves cooked lobster meat in a rich and creamy sauce made with egg yolks, brandy, cheese, mustard, and herbs, then stuffed back into the lobster shell and broiled until golden. It’s a luxurious blend of flavors and textures that has enchanted seafood lovers for over a century.

Celebrating National Lobster Thermidor Day

  • Visit a Fine Dining Restaurant: Many high-end restaurants feature Lobster Thermidor on their menus, making National Lobster Thermidor Day the perfect opportunity to indulge in a night of gourmet extravagance.
  • Cook at Home: For the adventurous home chef, preparing Lobster Thermidor can be a rewarding culinary challenge. It’s an opportunity to hone your skills and treat yourself to a lavish meal.
  • Learn About Lobster Cuisine: Use this day to explore the world of lobster dishes. From Lobster Newberg to Lobster Bisque, there’s a whole ocean of lobster-based recipes to discover.

Sustainable Seafood Practices

As we enjoy this sumptuous dish, it’s also important to consider sustainability. Opting for lobster from sources that practice responsible fishing can make your celebration not only delicious but also eco-conscious.

National Lobster Thermidor Day is more than just an opportunity to savor a gourmet dish; it’s a celebration of culinary artistry, history, and the pleasures of fine dining. So, whether you’re enjoying it at a luxurious restaurant or preparing it in your kitchen, take a moment on January 24th to appreciate the exquisite flavors and storied past of Lobster Thermidor.

When does National Lobster Thermidor Day happen next year?

National Lobster Thermidor Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Friday January 24, 2025
  • Saturday January 24, 2026
  • Sunday January 24, 2027
  • Monday January 24, 2028
  • Wednesday January 24, 2029


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