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National Menudo Month


When is National Menudo Month?

National Menudo Month happens on Monday January 1, 2024.

A Hearty Homage: National Menudo Month

January’s frosty backdrop sets the perfect stage for the warm comfort of a steaming bowl of menudo, as food enthusiasts across the nation celebrate National Menudo Month. This month is an ode to a traditional Mexican soup that’s not just food—it’s a cultural symbol and a family tradition.

The Essence of Menudo: A Celebration of Culture and Comfort

Menudo is a dish steeped in history and heart. It’s a rich stew made from tripe, hominy, and a chili-based broth, simmered to perfection over several hours. Here’s why January is the ideal time to dive into the world of menudo:

  • Comfort in the Cold: The warmth of menudo is the perfect antidote to January’s chill, making it a popular dish to savor during this month.
  • Healthful Properties: After the indulgences of the holiday season, menudo’s nutritional value is a welcome benefit. Tripe is high in protein, and the soup’s spicy nature is believed by some to aid in digestion and even cure the common cold.
  • Social Staple: Menudo is more than just a meal; it’s a reason to gather. Traditionally served on special occasions and weekends, it’s a culinary centerpiece that brings families and communities together.
  • Time-Honored Techniques: The preparation of menudo is considered an art. From the careful cleaning of the tripe to the slow simmering of the broth infused with a blend of aromatic herbs and spices, making menudo is a practice of patience and passion.

During National Menudo Month, culinary events celebrate the dish’s rich tradition with menudo cook-offs, cooking classes, and special menu offerings at Mexican restaurants. Food lovers are encouraged to try their hand at creating their own version of this cherished stew and to share their experiences with the larger community.

So, as January unfolds, embrace the opportunity to partake in a bowl of menudo. Whether it’s your first time trying it or you’re continuing a family tradition, let the robust flavors and communal spirit of menudo warm your soul during National Menudo Month.

When does National Menudo Month happen next year?

National Menudo Month will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday January 1, 2025
  • Thursday January 1, 2026
  • Friday January 1, 2027
  • Saturday January 1, 2028
  • Monday January 1, 2029


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