National Mochi Day

August 8

When is National Mochi Day?

National Mochi Day happens on Thursday August 8, 2024.

Let’s Celebrate National Mochi Day!

Today is National Mochi Day, and what better way to celebrate than by learning a little bit about this delicious treat? Mochi is a Japanese rice cake that is made from mochigome, a short-grain japonica rice. The rice is pounded into a paste and then molded into the desired shape. Mochi is often eaten during Japanese holidays and celebrations, and it can be sweet or savory. Read on to learn more about this delicious food!

History of Mochi

Mochi has been around for centuries, and it is thought to have originated in China. It was then introduced to Japan, where it quickly became a popular food. Traditionally, mochi was made by pounding steamed rice with wooden mallets. This was a time-consuming process, so now it is typically made using machines.

Types of Mochi

There are many different types of mochi, and the flavor and texture can vary depending on the ingredients used and the method of preparation. The most common type of mochi is daifuku mochi, which is a small round mochi ball filled with sweet bean paste. Other popular types of mochi include kiri mochi (a thin sheet of mochi), ichigo daifuku (a strawberry wrapped in mochi), and sakura mochi (a pink mochi cake filled with sweet bean paste).

Happy National Mochi Day! I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about this delicious treat. Be sure to try making your own mochi at home, or pick some up from your local Japanese grocery store. If you haven’t had mochi before, I highly recommend giving it a try!

When does National Mochi Day happen next year?

National Mochi Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Friday August 8, 2025
  • Saturday August 8, 2026
  • Sunday August 8, 2027
  • Tuesday August 8, 2028
  • Wednesday August 8, 2029


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