National Peach Melba Day

January 13

When is National Peach Melba Day?

National Peach Melba Day happens on Saturday January 13, 2024.

Celebrate National Peach Melba Day!

January 13th marks National Peach Melba Day. If you’re wondering what exactly a peach melba is, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look at this delicious dessert and learn why it’s so popular.

What Is a Peach Melba?

Peach melba is an iconic dessert that consists of poached peaches, vanilla ice cream, and raspberry sauce. The dish was created in 1892 by Auguste Escoffier – a renowned French chef – at the Savoy Hotel in London. He named it after the Australian soprano Nellie Melba, who was performing at Covent Garden at the time.

The original recipe calls for peaches that are poached in sugar syrup and served with a sweet raspberry sauce (made from scratch). The peaches are then topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with more raspberry sauce. It’s a truly decadent treat that can be served as either an appetizer or dessert.

Why You Should Try It

If you haven’t tried peach melba yet, now is the perfect time to give it a go! Not only does it taste amazing, but it’s also super easy to make. All you need are some fresh peaches, sugar syrup, raspberries (and/or raspberry jam), and some good quality vanilla ice cream. Simply poach your peaches in the syrup until they’re soft and juicy, then serve them with your homemade raspberry sauce and top them off with a scoop of ice cream for an indulgent treat.

Whether you choose to celebrate National Peach Melba Day on its own or combine it with another holiday like Valentine’s Day or Easter Sunday, one thing’s for sure – peach melbas are sure to impress everyone at the table! With its unique flavor combination of sweet-tart raspberries, tender poached peaches, and creamy vanilla ice cream, this classic French dessert is sure to tantalize your taste buds while delighting your guests. So grab some fresh ingredients and get cooking – it’s time to celebrate National Peach Melba Day!

When does National Peach Melba Day happen next year?

National Peach Melba Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Monday January 13, 2025
  • Tuesday January 13, 2026
  • Wednesday January 13, 2027
  • Thursday January 13, 2028
  • Saturday January 13, 2029


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