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National Punch Day

September 20

When is National Punch Day?

National Punch Day happens on Friday September 20, 2024.

Celebrate National Punch Day with Delicious Drinks

It’s time to start celebrating! September 20th is National Punch Day, and it’s your chance to try something new. Whether you’re looking for something to serve at a family gathering or just want to explore the variety of punches out there, you’ll find plenty of delicious options that won’t disappoint. Let’s take a look at some of the best!

Fruit Punch

Fruit punch is a classic option for National Punch Day. There are so many different recipes out there, but they all involve combining fruit juices and syrups with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Some recipes also call for additional ingredients like tea or ginger ale. For an extra punch of flavor, try adding frozen berries or citrus slices to your fruit punch.

Sherbet Punch

If you’re looking for a creamy twist on traditional fruit punch, why not try making a sherbet punch? All you need is sherbet, lemon-lime soda, and other ingredients like orange juice or pineapple juice. Simply mix the ingredients together in a large bowl until everything is combined and enjoy! For added flavor, garnish with fresh fruit slices like kiwi or strawberries.
There’s no shortage of delicious drinks perfect for celebrating National Punch Day! Whether you’re looking for something fruity and refreshing or creamy and indulgent, there’s sure to be something here that will satisfy your taste buds. So grab some friends (or just yourself!) and get ready to celebrate this special day with some truly amazing punches! Cheers!

When does National Punch Day happen next year?

National Punch Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Saturday September 20, 2025
  • Sunday September 20, 2026
  • Monday September 20, 2027
  • Wednesday September 20, 2028
  • Thursday September 20, 2029


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