National Scrapple Day

November 9

When is National Scrapple Day?

National Scrapple Day happens on Saturday November 9, 2024.

National Scrapple Day: A Tribute to America’s Vintage Delight

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw

Of Humble Beginnings and Hearty Breakfasts

When dawn breaks on November 9th, a unique culinary tradition stirs to life in homes and diners, especially in the Mid-Atlantic states of the U.S. It’s National Scrapple Day, a celebration of one of America’s oldest and most cherished breakfast foods. A medley of pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal and spices, scrapple is a testament to resourcefulness and the art of creating something delicious from simple ingredients.

The Journey of Scrapple

  • Pennsylvania Dutch Roots: Scrapple finds its origins in the culinary traditions of the Pennsylvania Dutch, a culture renowned for its “waste-not-want-not” ethos.
  • From Snout to Tail: Embracing the whole-animal approach, scrapple incorporates various pork parts, ensuring minimal waste and maximum flavor.
  • The Cornmeal Connection: Binding the pork together is the hearty cornmeal, giving scrapple its signature texture and taste.
  • Spice It Right: Seasonings vary from region to region, but sage, black pepper, and savory often play starring roles in this delectable dish.

Marking the Day: How to Celebrate

  1. Cook At Home: Prepare scrapple from scratch or buy a store-bought version and fry it to crispy perfection.
  2. Scrapple Brunch: Invite family and friends for a brunch centered around this historical dish, serving it with eggs, toast, and other breakfast favorites.
  3. Local Diner Visit: Many local diners, especially in Pennsylvania and Delaware, pride themselves on their scrapple. Dine in and taste the local variations.
  4. Document the Delight: Share your scrapple experiences, recipes, and memories using the hashtag #NationalScrappleDay, connecting with fellow enthusiasts.

In Remembrance: A Dish That Connects Generations

Scrapple, with its rich history and distinct flavor profile, serves as a link between past and present, reminding us of the ingenuity of earlier generations. On National Scrapple Day, as the aroma of fried scrapple fills the air, we’re transported back in time, relishing a tradition that speaks of home, heritage, and the simple joys of a well-made dish.

To timeless recipes, culinary adventures, and mornings made better with a slice of scrapple, here’s raising a toast to America’s vintage delight! πŸ³πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ–


When does National Scrapple Day happen next year?

National Scrapple Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Sunday November 9, 2025
  • Monday November 9, 2026
  • Tuesday November 9, 2027
  • Thursday November 9, 2028
  • Friday November 9, 2029


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