National Stewart’s Root Beer Day

June 17

When is National Stewart’s Root Beer Day?

National Stewart’s Root Beer Day happens on Monday June 17, 2024.

National Stewart’s Root Beer Day: Sipping Through Time on June 17th

Pop open a frosty bottle and get ready to toast to one of the most nostalgic beverages around because June 17th is National Stewart’s Root Beer Day! Stewart’s Root Beer, with its rich history and classic taste, has been a beloved treat for generations. But this fizzy, sarsaparilla-infused delight isn’t just for sipping straight from the bottle—oh no! Root beer’s unique flavor makes it a versatile ingredient for a variety of creative and delicious concoctions. Let’s dive into the bubbly world of root beer and explore the different ways we can celebrate this iconic drink beyond the glass. 🎉🍨

A Brief Sip of History:

Stewart’s Root Beer has a storied past that dates back to 1924 when Frank Stewart set out to create the world’s best root beer to pair with his mouthwatering dishes at his drive-in restaurant. Today, Stewart’s Root Beer not only remains a hallmark of American drive-in cuisine but also inspires culinary creativity far beyond its original scope.

Celebrating National Stewart’s Root Beer Day:

  1. Root Beer Float Party: The classic root beer float is a timeless treat. Gather friends and family for a DIY root beer float bar. Offer different ice cream flavors and let everyone craft their perfect float.
  2. Cooking with Root Beer: Root beer in the kitchen? Absolutely! Its deep flavors can add a twist to barbecue sauces, glazes, and even baked beans. Experiment with root beer as an ingredient and discover its potential to elevate your dishes.
  3. Root Beer Tasting: Not all root beers are created equal. Host a root beer tasting, featuring Stewart’s alongside other brands, to explore the subtle differences in flavor profiles.
  4. Root Beer-Themed Movie Night: Set up a backyard movie night and serve a variety of root beer-infused snacks and drinks. Classic films and root beer under the stars? Yes, please!

Creative Culinary Uses for Root Beer:

  • Root Beer Pulled Pork: Slow cook pork in a root beer marinade for tender, flavorful pulled pork that’s perfect for sandwiches.
  • Root Beer Baked Beans: Add a splash of root beer to your baked beans for a hint of sweetness and depth.
  • Root Beer Barbecue Sauce: Simmer root beer with ketchup, vinegar, and spices for a unique barbecue sauce that’s great on chicken or ribs.
  • Root Beer Float Cupcakes: Incorporate root beer into your cupcake batter and frosting for a whimsical treat that captures the essence of the classic float.

DIY Root Beer Making:

Feeling adventurous? Try your hand at making homemade root beer! It’s a fun project that lets you control the sweetness and spice levels. Plus, homemade root beer can be a fantastic, personalized gift for fellow enthusiasts.

Root Beer Pairings:

Beyond floats, root beer pairs wonderfully with vanilla-based desserts, like custard or panna cotta, enhancing the vanilla notes. For a savory twist, root beer’s caramel undertones complement spicy and smoky dishes beautifully.

National Stewart’s Root Beer Day is more than just a nod to a beloved beverage; it’s a celebration of flavor, tradition, and innovation. Whether you’re enjoying a frosty mug of Stewart’s, cooking up a root beer-infused feast, or crafting your homemade brew, June 17th is the day to honor the rich legacy and delicious versatility of root beer. So, let’s raise our glasses (or bottles) to the timeless taste of Stewart’s Root Beer and make some sweet memories. Cheers! 🍺🎈

When does National Stewart’s Root Beer Day happen next year?

National Stewart’s Root Beer Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Tuesday June 17, 2025
  • Wednesday June 17, 2026
  • Thursday June 17, 2027
  • Saturday June 17, 2028
  • Sunday June 17, 2029


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