National Veggie Burger Day

June 5

When is National Veggie Burger Day?

National Veggie Burger Day happens on Wednesday June 5, 2024.

National Veggie Burger Day – Munch Out!

It’s time to celebrate the little patty that could! On June 5th, National Veggie Burger Day is here and it’s the perfect opportunity to expand your palette in a plant-based way. But before you get grilling, let’s answer one important question first – are veggie burgers actually healthy?

Are Veggie Burgers Healthy?

The short answer? It depends! If you’re buying pre-made veggie burgers at the store, check the label for extra ingredients like oils, preservatives, and added salt. Those can bump up the calorie count and make your veggie burger less than healthy. To make sure you’re getting a nutritious patty, look for whole food ingredients like legumes, grains, nuts, and veggies.

Different Types of Veggie Burgers

Now that we know about the health benefits of veggie burgers (or lack thereof), it’s time to explore what types of patties are out there. From black beans to quinoa to cauliflower rice – there are endless options for creating your own unique vegan burger. Here are a few suggestions if you need inspiration:

  • Black Bean Burger: mash cooked black beans with cooked onion, garlic powder, cumin, chili powder, paprika, breadcrumbs or oats and form into patties before frying in oil or baking in the oven;
  • Quinoa Mushroom burger: mix cooked quinoa with sautéed mushrooms, breadcrumbs, eggs and garlic until combined then form into patties before grilling;
  • Sweet Potato Chickpea Burger: mash cooked sweet potato with cooked chickpeas and oats then add whatever spices you prefer before forming into patties and baking in the oven until crispy;
  • Cauliflower Rice Burger: mix cauliflower rice with quinoa and breadcrumbs plus garlic powder and onion powder before forming into patties then pan fry on each side until golden brown.

With all these mouthwatering recipes at your fingertips (literally), there’s no excuse not to indulge this National Veggie Burger Day! Take some time to experiment in the kitchen and find a recipe that works for you – because who says eating healthy has to be boring? Happy grilling everyone!

When does National Veggie Burger Day happen next year?

National Veggie Burger Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Thursday June 5, 2025
  • Friday June 5, 2026
  • Saturday June 5, 2027
  • Monday June 5, 2028
  • Tuesday June 5, 2029


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