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Fresh Spinach Day

July 16

When is Fresh Spinach Day?

Fresh Spinach Day happens on Tuesday July 16, 2024.

A Celebration of All Things Spinach

Today is Fresh Spinach Day, a day to celebrate one of the most versatile and delicious leafy greens around! Spinach is packed with nutrients and can be used in sweet or savory dishes, making it a favorite of foodies everywhere. Let’s take a closer look at this humble little green and find out why it deserves its own special day.

A Brief History of Spinach

Spinach is believed to have originated in ancient Persia, although the exact origins are somewhat fuzzy. What we do know for sure is that spinach made its way to China by the 6th century, and from there it spread to other parts of Asia and Europe. By the 13th century, spinach was being cultivated in Italy and Spain, and by the 16th century it was being grown all over Europe. These days, spinach is grown all over the world and is a staple in cuisines as diverse as Indian, Italian, and Chinese. 

Types of Spinach

Not all spinach is created equal! There are actually three different types of spinach, each with its own distinct flavor and texture. Smooth-leaf spinach has dark green leaves that are very tender, while savoy spinach has crinkly leaves with a slightly bitter taste. The third type of spinach is semi-savoy, which falls somewhere in between the other two in terms of texture and flavor. 

How to Cook With Spinach

Now that we know a bit more about spinach, let’s talk about how to cook with it. As we mentioned before, spinach can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. Some popular sweet dishes that feature spinach include smoothies, pies, and cakes. On the savory side, common dishes include sauteed spinach, egg Florentine, spanakopita (a Greek dish made with phyllo dough, feta cheese, and chopped spinach), and palak paneer (a Indian dish made with spinach and paneer cheese). No matter how you choose to enjoy it, we hope you’ll celebrate fresh spinach day by cooking up something special!  

Whether you like it sauteed, pureed into a soup, or baked into a delicious pie, there’s no denying that spinach is a versatile and delicious greens. So why not celebrate Fresh Spinach Day by cooking up one of your favorite dishes? We guarantee you’ll be glad you did!

When does Fresh Spinach Day happen next year?

Fresh Spinach Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday July 16, 2025
  • Thursday July 16, 2026
  • Friday July 16, 2027
  • Sunday July 16, 2028
  • Monday July 16, 2029


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