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Maize Day

November 25

When is Maize Day?

Maize Day happens on Monday November 25, 2024.

Maize Day: Celebrating Corn’s Rich Legacy

While the day after Thanksgiving is often associated with leftovers and shopping deals, it’s also Maize Day – a tribute to one of the oldest and most significant crops in the Americas. Let’s dive into the importance of maize (corn) and how to honor its impact.

The Ancient Gift: Maize’s Historical Roots

Maize, more commonly known in many regions as corn, has been a staple food in the Americas for thousands of years. Indigenous peoples cultivated this grain, and through their innovations, maize became a central part of the diet for countless cultures.

Maize’s Versatility and Influence

  1. A Global Food Staple: From cornbread to polenta and tortillas, maize’s influence on global cuisine is undeniable.
  2. Economic Significance: Maize is not just for eating. It’s used in a myriad of products, from biofuels to sweeteners and even in some cosmetics.
  3. Cultural Heritage: Many indigenous ceremonies and festivals center around maize, highlighting its spiritual and cultural significance.

Celebrating Maize Day

  • Cook a Maize-based Dish: Try your hand at traditional recipes, be it a rich corn chowder, corn muffins, or a hearty tamale.
  • Learn & Share: Delve into the history of maize and its cultivation by indigenous peoples. Share stories and facts on social media to spread knowledge.
  • Visit a Local Farm: If you’re near a corn-growing region, consider visiting a local farm. It’s an opportunity to understand the cultivation process and perhaps even pick fresh maize.
  • Craft with Corn: Use dried corn husks to create dolls or ornaments, a nod to crafts made by Native American tribes.

Why Maize Day Matters

While Maize Day might not be as widely recognized as Thanksgiving, it plays a crucial role in reminding us of the legacy of this remarkable crop. As you bite into a corn-on-the-cob or relish a slice of cornbread, remember the ancient civilizations that cultivated maize, shaping our culinary and cultural landscapes.

When does Maize Day happen next year?

Maize Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Tuesday November 25, 2025
  • Wednesday November 25, 2026
  • Thursday November 25, 2027
  • Saturday November 25, 2028
  • Sunday November 25, 2029


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