National Cheddar Fries Day

April 20

When is National Cheddar Fries Day?

National Cheddar Fries Day happens on Saturday April 20, 2024.

Make Your National Cheddar Fries Day Celebration Epic With These Toppings

It’s time to celebrate the cheesy goodness of cheddar fries! April 20th is National Cheddar Fries Day and we have just the toppings you need to make this annual holiday extra special. From savory to sweet, here are some creative and delicious topping ideas that will take your cheddar fries from ordinary to extraordinary.

Cheese Please!

Let’s start with the obvious one – more cheese! If you’re a true cheese-lover, then there’s no better way to celebrate National Cheddar Fries Day than by adding even more cheese. Top your pile of crispy cheddar fries with shredded mozzarella or pepper jack for a delicious melty finish. Or, if you want something a bit more unique, try topping them with crumbled blue cheese or feta for a tangy kick.

Meat Magic

If you’re looking for something more hearty, add some sliced sausage or bacon bits for a savory upgrade. You could also go for chorizo or ground beef for an extra-meaty meal. Just make sure to drain your meat properly before adding it on top of your fries so it doesn’t end up soggy.

Don’t Forget the Veggies!

Fries can be healthy too! Add some thinly sliced bell peppers, jalapeños, onions and mushrooms on top of your cheddar fries for a nutritious twist. You can also sprinkle on some chopped scallions or parsley as a flavorful garnish. Who said veggies couldn’t be fun?
No matter how you decide to top them off, National Cheddar Fries Day is sure to be an epic celebration when you get creative in the kitchen! From melted cheeses and savory meats to crunchy vegetables, these topping ideas will help take your cheddar fry feast from ordinary to extraordinary – all while keeping things deliciously cheesy! So grab yourself some potatoes and get ready for an unforgettable fry experience this April 20th. Happy National Cheddar Fries Day everyone!

When does National Cheddar Fries Day happen next year?

National Cheddar Fries Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Sunday April 20, 2025
  • Monday April 20, 2026
  • Tuesday April 20, 2027
  • Thursday April 20, 2028
  • Friday April 20, 2029


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