National Egg McMuffin Day

March 2

When is National Egg McMuffin Day?

National Egg McMuffin Day happens on Saturday March 2, 2024.

National Egg McMuffin Day: Celebrating a Breakfast Icon on March 2nd

Rise and shine, breakfast enthusiasts! March 2nd is a day to pay homage to a fast-food marvel that changed the breakfast landscape – it’s National Egg McMuffin Day! This day is all about celebrating the iconic Egg McMuffin, a harmonious blend of a freshly cracked egg, a slice of melty cheese, Canadian bacon, all sandwiched between the halves of a toasted English muffin. Let’s dive into the delicious world of this beloved breakfast sandwich.

The Egg McMuffin: A Breakfast Revolution:

The Egg McMuffin was introduced in the early 1970s and quickly rose to fame as the first-ever fast-food breakfast item. It not only offered a quick and tasty breakfast solution but also introduced the novel concept of ‘breakfast on the go.’

Ways to Celebrate National Egg McMuffin Day:

  • Make Your Own: Try your hand at creating a homemade Egg McMuffin. Experiment with different cheeses, swap out the Canadian bacon for sausage, or even add a hash brown patty for some extra crunch.
  • McMuffin Breakfast Party: Host a breakfast party featuring various McMuffin-style sandwiches. Let your guests mix and match ingredients to make their custom creations.
  • Egg McMuffin for Dinner: Who says Egg McMuffins are only for breakfast? Shake up your dinner routine with a breakfast-for-dinner theme featuring this classic sandwich.

Fun McMuffin Fact:

The Egg McMuffin was invented by Herb Peterson, who was trying to create a breakfast version of Eggs Benedict.

Egg McMuffin-Inspired Recipes:

Get creative in the kitchen with McMuffin-inspired dishes like Egg McMuffin casseroles, McMuffin-style eggs Benedict, or even McMuffin pizza!

Healthy Twists:

For a healthier version, use whole grain English muffins, egg whites, and add fresh spinach or avocado.

Kids Cooking Activity:

Making Egg McMuffins can be a fun and easy cooking activity for kids. Supervise them as they assemble their sandwiches and watch their little faces light up with pride at their culinary creation.

National Egg McMuffin Day is more than just a celebration of a fast-food item; it’s a nod to innovation in the world of breakfast. Whether you enjoy it in its classic form or with your own twist, the Egg McMuffin continues to be a symbol of convenient, delicious, and satisfying morning meals. So, let’s raise our McMuffins high this March 2nd and enjoy a bite of breakfast history!

When does National Egg McMuffin Day happen next year?

National Egg McMuffin Day will happen on the following upcoming dates:

  • Sunday March 2, 2025
  • Monday March 2, 2026
  • Tuesday March 2, 2027
  • Thursday March 2, 2028
  • Friday March 2, 2029


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